Our Vision:  LanguageX ("Language Explored") lab tries to advance the frontiers of language processing and understanding.  Particularly, for languages, we want machines to (i) better understand the knowledge encoded inside, and (ii) extract the world knowledge and encode it into natural texts; in terms of (machine) learning, we try to answer the following questions: (i) in addition to human annotations, where can the supervision come from? (ii) how to learn continually? (iii) how to build a single machine to handle a variety of language problems? 

PhD students:

Hanzi Xu

Spring 2020 ~

Co-supervised with Prof. Slobodan Vucetic

Ibraheem Moosa

Fall 2022 ~

Renze Lou

Fall 2022 ~

PSU NLP Group Party

(Becky's group, Rui's group and our LanguageX group)



Summer Intern: